Follow Your Heart

  • Six years ago, there was a guy who had worked as an architect for 5
    years. You guys have heard a lot about the word architect, right?
    Here I would like to clarify a little bit. This architect was not
    about software architect but building design that converts a concept
    to scratch and then to a blueprint. Honestly, this guy did not like
    this kind of work at all. He had a strong desire to work on another
    thing, computer science, especially some coding-related work.

  • Before the dream comes true, he asked himself many times such
    questions: How can you do this? How can you apply for a job in a
    totally different field without any experience? How can you get
    trust from other people? To address these questions and improve
    computer skills, he decided to go to college again to get the master
    degree in computer science. Yes, he did it. By the time of
    graduation, his daughter was born. He thought it was the time to
    change. So, he quit his current job as an architect and tried to
    apply for an IT job.

  • At the beginning he could not get any chance even for an interview.
    Maybe in the HR’s point of view, this guy was crazy: For a guy who
    had only a few years of education in this area without any
    experience how can he get the job well done at the age of 30’s? It
    was impossible. [Action: Drop the paper!] After numerous
    applications with perseverance, he got a few opportunities for the
    interview. Among these interviews, the one with Ericsson was the
    most impressive and valuable, while the manager rejected him
    respectfully. He did not know the name of the manager, but he was
    very grateful to the manager as he gave him some good advice to get
    the experience in this area: doing some open source work. He
    followed the manager’s advice, and tried to find a job even without
    any pay. That was really a hard time. He was struggling with his
    resume and interview without any income, and his wife was raising
    his baby on maternity leave. The baby was always crying. And he was
    so sorry that he could not face his baby with a smile. But his
    brother said that what you did now is trying to get better future
    for her indeed. That was like a nightmare and he was still
    frightened once he thought of it. [Pause]Finally, he got his first

  • During that time, he got some coding experience, and became familiar
    with the development process and working environment. Once again, he
    got his second chance for the interview as a consultant in Ericsson.
    He was very lucky. Another manager offered him an opportunity. He
    was very excited because Ericsson is a well-known international
    company welcoming many kinds of talents. That was a great
    opportunity for him. It’s awesome.

  • So he started to work at Ericsson since then. For him, all the
    experience was brand new. He tried to do everything and learn
    everything. And after years of hard work, he got another opportunity
    to join Ericsson as an employee. That was a milestone for him. He
    became part of the Ericsson. It was a great honor. It seemed like

  • By now, the guy has built a strong and deep relationship with
    Ericsson. From a failed applicant to a consultant and then an
    employee, he always sticks to working hard to get everything done as
    well as he can, as professional as he can. He learned a lot of
    technical skills at Ericsson and made a lot of friends at Ericsson,
    too. He loves Ericsson very much. He loves the people in Ericsson.
    And he loves his new career as a software engineer instead of an
    architect. He wants to say thanks sincerely to all of his colleagues
    and managers who supported him.

  • So, to have the life and career both in your own hands please follow
    your heart. Do the things of what you really enjoy.

  • Maybe you have come to the question: Who is that guy?

  • YES, you are right, that’s me!

  • If I hadn’t followed my heart, I would have never had the
    opportunity to be on this stage. If I hadn’t followed my heart, I
    would have never had the opportunity to join Ericsson. If I hadn’t
    followed my heart, I would have been still struggling with my boring
    job as an architect.

  • Please do not hesitate, follow your heart, and take action now!
    Thank you!

What did someone do that made you think they were really







When I was in high school our physics teacher gave us a challenge that
involved making a paper air plane of any shape. The only objective was
to get it to fly as far as possible. I had some paper air plane making
skills so I made the best plane I could and it flew pretty far.



One guy made the greatest, yet simplest paper airplane of all time. He
stood there at the starting line with a regular piece of paper. Some
classmates scratched their head while silently chuckling to
themselves. Moments later he took the flat piece of paper, crumpled it
up, and threw it down the hall way.
He beat the class with ease.




Some of the students got mad and said that he cheated.
The physics teacher said, “How so? I said it could be any shape. A
paper ball is indeed a shape.”
He won the contest with flying colors.
“Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one
else can see.”
—Arthur Schopenhauer
I still regard this classmate as a genius.








I once saw a homeless man ask for money in the most intriguing

If I had to estimate, I’d say he was successful about 95% of the time.

Why did he have such a great success rate, while a lot of others can
barely get people to look at them?

He had gotten his hands on a bunch yellow papers, that seemed a lot
like car tickets, especially from far away, but were instead, innocent

They looked something like this.







What he did was rather brilliant. He hung around a coffee place where
people frequently stopped. He then placed one of these papers on their
windshield. When they started going back to their cars, they would see
the paper and think that they’d gotten a ticket.

They would start fuming and get really upset, until they actually got
close enough to see that it was just an ad.



At this moment, this guy would approach them and ask for a few bucks.
His victims almost never refused, because they were so happy to get
away with the ticket that nearly all of them ended up giving him some
change almost automatically.

What made it even cooler was that then, they would often simply throw
the ticket in the nearest bin, or just on the floor next to the car,
providing him with useful ammunition.




I used to evaluate 4 year-olds for admission to a private
kindergarten. The testing involved puzzles, games and questions, but
the most impressive thing I saw a child do had nothing to do with the
test itself.

A boy was trying to get some markers off of a wire shelf like this:




One marker fell to the floor and rolled under the bottom shelf, where
the boy couldn’t reach it. I assumed he’d either ignore it or ask for
a grown up to help. Instead, the boy grabbed a few other markers and
clicked them together like this:



He then swept the line of markers under the shelf to get the stray one
back. Pretty smart!



In our office, we have installed a gas stove to cook tea and
occasional light meals for ourselves.

One day, a guy took up the responsibility to prepare tea but couldn’t
find the match box.



Immediately a search began for the match box but no one could find it.
We were too lazy to go outside and buy a new matchbox and none of the
folks present that day at office had a lighter or a matchbox to offer.
I was least bothered as I hardly drink tea but for others it meant
having to do with the flask full of shitty tea our office helper gets
for us (Sorry Bablu bhaiyya if you ever read this, but the tea you
bring really is horrible).

While others were thinking of giving up, a guy (Sameer) brought this
(see image)




Now, if you are unfamiliar with this device, this is a flyswatter.
This badminton racket like device has high-voltage generator inside
it, powered by a small rechargeable battery. Pressing the tiny button
on its handle activates the electrically charged metal grid which
electrocutes any mosquitoes/flys touching the grid.


The way it works is, when a conductive object (mosquito) touches the
grid, an attached capacitor discharges as a spark jumps through that
object. This discharge kills the mosquito or at least stuns it.


So this guy gets this device. Places it on top of the stove burner.
Switches on the stove as well as the flyswatter. Then touches the grid
with a knife. A spark jumps up and tada… the stove is lit.

Pretty smart.




I wanted to teach my daughters how to appreciate my hard work
sustaining us being a single mom… Since I’m often requested to provide
expensive toys and gadgets.


I gave them $50 dollars each and said the first to double that money
in a period of 15 days would keep the initial money, the profits, and
receive the amount of $200 as a prize.

I was honestly expecting they would keep the $50 bucks and purchase
some toys next time we went shopping.

I was so wrong!!!!




Three days after that D. approaches me with $100 bill in her hand, she
stood in front of me without saying anything, just waiting for those
$200 to be pulled out of my wallet.

I was very impressed and surprised, I didn’t noticed any small
businesses going on…. I ain’t see any “€1 lemonade“ on the driveway
going home… But how?



Turns out that D. And G. ( my daughters‘ first name initials) made a
deal ! They would give the one’s $50 bucks to the another so when she
wins the challenge they could split it up and walk away with a fare
$150 half of the total.



What made it even better is they asked their grandpa to provide them a
$100 bill for the two $50 dollars bills they each had. After that,
they agreed D. would be selected for winning the challenge since she
was one year older then G. But guess who was the one who came up with
the idea and the whole plan?


It was G.

At that time D. was 6 years old and G. was 5.

I had to pay them the $200’s since I never specified how the money had
to be doubled.

Well played G. , well played my precious daughter. – Hey, TEAM: Nice

Since then I have never made business deal again with my daughters
without writing down a very detailed set of rules for my own